EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy

Award-winning, multi-player, game-based learning platform that empowers youth to collaborate globally to solve urgent social challenges using 21st century skills.

children are gathered around a young man working on a computer.Evoke Background

Evoke was originally piloted in 2010 in South Africa and was tested with global participation. Titled “Urgent Evoke,” the pilot addressed grand challenges including: Social Innovation, Food Security, Power Shift, Water Crisis, the Future of Money, Empowering Women, Resilience, Indigenous Knowledge and Crisis Mapping. The pilot engaged 19,324 users who submitted over 23,000 blog posts, nearly 5,000 photos and 1,517 videos. Evoke was also tested in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. The most recent instance in Colombia, engages university students to address the grand challenge of human trafficking.

young boy facing camera while another young boy approaches from behind, holding a droneAt least 250 million children globally are not learning basic reading skills—including many who are attending school, but who are not learning. Additionally, while the rapidly-changing global economy demands 21st century skills for youth to be successful, many are not gaining these skills through traditional educational institutions. EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy takes a game-based learning platform, originally developed by the World Bank, and uses it to improve child literacy by leveraging youth as social innovators.

Evidence base for EVOKE

Evoke builds 21st century and social innovation skills through evidence-based, multi-player, online, Report cover of "Evoke. Developing Skills in Youth to Solve the World's Most Complex Problems: The Social Innovators' Framework. World Bank Education, Technology & Innovation: SABER-ICT Technical Paper Series (#11). Barbara Freeman & Robert Hawkins 2016. saber.worldbank.org. Public Disclosure Authorizedproject-based learning. The evidence-base for Evoke: Leaders for Literacy builds off of proven approaches to youth skills development, social innovation and employability.

The Social Innovators’ Framework (SIF) lays the foundation for Evoke’s 48 embedded skills and brings together the fundamental principles and practices from the social innovation and educational development fields. Through an engaging short story, individual and team activities Evoke helps youth understand grand challenges and personal experiences in their community by providing an opportunity to learn about social innovation through research and first-hand experience.

EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy Campaign

The EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy Campaign is a joint initiative of All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (a partnership of USAID, World Vision and the Australian Government), Pearson, Project Literacy, and the World Bank. The campaign will begin with pilot projects at the community and university levels in southern Africa in 2017.

Ready to Play?

Unleash the EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy network in your country? Partner with us to launch an EVOKE: Leaders for Literacy campaign and unleash the potential of youth in your network to improve child literacy.  For more information, contact us.

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