Oeuvre Malienne d’Aide à l’Enfance du Sahel

Bamako, Mali   |   Non profit

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Project Name
Your Child, Reading and You (YCRY)

Location Implemented
Segou, Mali

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Organization Type
Non profit

While Mali has witnessed a significant increase in parental involvement in education over the last 15 years, parent-to-child interactions that build children’s readiness to read are infrequent. Discussions with parents in rural Mali indicate that engaged parents,
who enroll their children in school and track their progress, lack awareness of simple activities they can employ to prepare their children for school and support them as they begin to learn to read.

The YCRY project focuses on the creation of community-developed reading materials accessible via community-managed libraries. With the support of Beyond Access and Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), OMAES trained librarians and provided resources for parents and students in 15 school communities. Through the implementation of EDC’s low-cost mobile reading tool, Stepping Stone, YCRY offers relevant, interesting, local language digital reading resources with instructional audio (e.g. illustrated children’s books and reading skill builder activities). Families have access to numerous reading resources to help their children succeed as well as a trained librarian to facilitate their engagement. The project will ultimately increase parent-child interactions while building children’s readiness to read.

Project Reach
Approximately 675 students in 15 school communities

Beyond Access, Education Development Center
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