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TeleTaleem's technology-assisted van arriving at refugee camp

Project/Innovation Name
Technology-assisted van for refugee camps in Iraq

Technology to Support Education in Crisis & Conflict Settings
Conflict Zones - Honorable Mention

Prize Amount

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Prize Competition Summary
A challenge to source ideas for innovative, technology-supported approaches for children to maintain access to basic education despite disruptions experienced during crises or conflict.

Technology-assisted van for refugee camps in Iraq

Innovation Summary
The solution does not assume the availability of electricity at the learning sites as this is provided through a generator and a UPS in a learning van. The solution only assumes the availability of VSAT and 2G (SMS) type telecom infrastructure which is available in all host countries of the Syrian refugee camps. The solution does not require students, teachers, schools or administrators to own any computers or tablets. Optionally, parents may receive SMS messages on low end mobile phones. All learning technology services including content and learner management, assessment and reporting, remote classroom are based remotely in the cloud.

Save the Children

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