A grade 5 female student in Thailand is practicing reading

© 2013 Paiwan Benjakul/World Vision

In Round 2 of All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development, we seek technology-based innovations that support improvements in reading skills with a focus on outcomes in the following focus areas:

  1. Mother tongue instruction and reading materials
  2. Family and community engagement
  3. Children with disabilities

RFA:  The RFA concept note submission period has closed. Thanks for each submission and your efforts to boost child literacy!  

Prize #1:  Enabling Writers  ACR GCD has launched a $100,000 ‘Enabling Writers’ prize competition to spur the development of software solutions that allow authors to easily create and export texts in mother tongue languages to help early-grade students learn to read.

    Enter Enabling Writer’s Prize Competition


Prize #2:  Global Reading Materials Repository  This prize has been the exploration of an early grade reading materials “repository” to up/download and print materials to improve access, particularly to local language reading materials, for early grade school children in developing countries.  We encourage you to read and share our Global Reading Materials Repository Ideation Meeting Report with other networks or existing repositories that may help move this idea forward.

As a problem solver, we invite you to rise to All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development’s goal to get all children reading.