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Explore ACR GCD’s in-depth research on the impact of EdTech solutions on improving reading outcomes for children in low-resource contexts.

We believe that education in the 21st century must leverage innovation and technology to help children learn to read, complete school and escape poverty.

Over the last 10 years, we have identified and brought to scale the most promising EdTech solutions. Recognizing the digital divide, we envision EdTech solutions as a complement and support to existing teaching and learning materials in the classroom. Our research indicates EdTech should be considered and applied if it provides access to education for a child who didn’t have access before, significantly lowers the cost of providing access as compared to the status quo, and significantly increases relevant learning outcomes as compared to current programs. When applied appropriately, technology based literacy projects can effectively disseminate new and existing learning materials to underserved populations while also offering individualized learning experiences and facilitating digital tracking of students’ literacy learning. It is particularly effective at improving reading and language outcomes for populations such as remote learners in lwo-resource contexts, education in emergencies, girls who lack other options and children with disabilities.

Browse our research for lessons learned in applying EdTech solutions to increase reading outcomes for marginalized children in low-resource contexts–or visit the Research Hub now!

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