Creation of 100 STEM-focused stories and illustrations to serve Arabic-speaking children, particularly those affected by the Syria crisis

The Grand Challenge

A generation at risk of limited education and economic opportunity

More than 3.5 million refugee children were unable to attend a single day of school in 2016, and those who did attend often faced learning difficulties due to long-term stress as well as the lack of educational materials in languages they use and understand. Without basic literacy and numeracy skills, young people face limited educational progress and economic opportunities.

The Big Idea

Expanding access to books in underserved languages

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development launched this prize at the No Lost Generation Tech Summit to support the creation of 100 audible, levelled, accessible storybook templates that present engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) topics. The technical requirements of the prize aligned with those of the Global Digital Library (GDL) to allow for the transfer of these materials, in English and Arabic, to the GDL for global adaptation and translation.