The Power of Digital Gaming for Literacy

Antura and the Letters and Feed the Monster—the winning apps from our EduApp4Syria competition—instigated a new era in utilizing digital gaming to improve literacy and psychosocial wellbeing outcomes for children.  Both games have undergone a rigorous impact evaluation.  The results have just been released and will be shared in this webinar. 

International Children’s Book Fair

See ACR GCD’s presentation on the lack of appropriate reading materials in mother languages – a crisis known as the Book Desert – in the Author’s Cafe on March 28. 

Games for Change Festival

Witness the groundbreaking work done in the Games for Change community over the last 15 years and hear from leading experts about the future of the games for good sector. Learn more here. 

Mobile Learning Week

Under the theme, “Skills for a connected world,” participants will exchange knowledge about the ways governments and other stakeholders can define and achieve the skills-related targets of Sustainable Development Goal 4. Learn more here. 

World Literacy Summit

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development will present on shared-value partnerships, and technology and innovation in making sign language accessible to all children. Learn more here. 

Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Annual Meeting

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development is coordinating the first-ever education track at this year’s annual meeting. The track, titled Accelerating Development Through Breakthrough Global Education Innovations, will feature sessions focused on Leveraging technology to ensure every child learns to read and is healthy All Children Reading: Getting local language books to children Tackling barriers to girls education: innovation and scale What’s next for girls education:  a vision for 2030 Harnessing the power of technology and media for education If you will be attending this invitation-only event, we hope you’ll join our sessions.