ACR GCD believes that only through concerted action can we accelerate breakthrough solutions for improving child literacy around the globe. We welcome partnerships with companies, foundations, individuals and others that extend the reach and impact of literacy innovations toward the ultimate goal of all children reading.

Forms of partnership include, but are not limited to:

  • Co-designing and funding a competition
  • Providing technical expertise on the design and evaluation of a prize competition
  • Funding the scale-up of innovations piloted by our innovators
  • Co-funding edtech evaluations
  • Testing or piloting technologies/solutions in new environments
A young girl holding a tablet.

Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

  • The ACR GCD partnership has really helped us on the international stage as it has given us a position of strength and knowledge from which to speak, leveraging our experience to continue to provide books for underserved populations.
    Brad Turner
  • On behalf of the World Federation of the Deaf, we think ACR GCD’s idea and vision is incredible. Our ability to partner with ACR GCD to focus specifically on deaf children and their right to incorporate literacy in their home language via use of sign language first is remarkable.
    Colin Allen
    World Federation of the Deaf
    Sign On For Literacy prize partner