Technology-driven solutions to maintain children’s access to education amid crisis or conflict

The Grand Challenge

Education disruptions significantly undermine a child’s potential

Natural disasters, health crises like Ebola, and country conflicts including the ongoing war in Syria can severely disrupt the delivery and quality of children’s education. Even after the conflict subsides, interruptions in education can have long-term consequences on student enrollment and retention in school, as well as their cognitive, academic and socio-emotional development.

The Big Idea

Innovative ideas for mitigating education lapses

This ideation prize sought ideas for edtech innovations that could adapt, develop or deliver educational materials so learners could maintain access to basic education despite disruptions experienced during crisis or conflict. Solutions targeted specific developing countries or regions, with the hope of addressing common education challenges associated with crises, including impaired educational cognition or retention due to trauma or injuries, lack of access to a school or teachers, as well as the socio-emotional needs and challenges children in crisis face when learning.