About Our Solutions

Impactful solutions and tools that can be used or adapted to improve reading outcomes for children in low-resource contexts

We believe that education in the 21st century must leverage innovation and technology to help children learn to read, complete school and escape poverty.

Over the last 10 years, we have identified and brought to scale the most promising EdTech solutions. These open source and accessible solutions can be adapted, scaled and implemented in programs in regions all over the world.

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A Sandbox for Innovation

How Solutions Are Developed

For over a decade, ACR GCD has catalyzed innovation by assuming the risks of research and development to support and strengthen innovators developing EdTech solutions and tools.

As one of the 10 Grand Challenges for Development, our mission is rooted in sourcing new solutions, testing new ideas and scaling what works. Through a series of competitions, ACR GCD invests in the most promising edTech innovations and approaches to address gaps and barriers to child literacy, partners with leading education researchers to measure the impact of those innovations, and advances innovations with the greatest potential to improve reading outcomes for children in low-resource contexts.

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