Bloom Library is a global collection of more than 12,000 free books in more than 500 languages to read, listen to or download and print.


INNOVATOR: SIL International


SOLUTION TYPE: Digital Library


Usability & Features

Operating system

  • Windows



  • Computer
  • Printer (optional)



  • Online
  • Offline


Accessibility features

Automatic leveling and decodability, SL Video, Audio, magnification, content filtering/distraction reduction, export to other platforms, text to speech, publicly available usage statistics, reading comprehension questions. For additional accessibility features, see the Feature Matrix.


Accessories needed for use in schools and learning spaces

  • Headphones
  • Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Voltage Converter


Other Features


How to use to support learning

To support learning, Bloom Library provides access to supplemental and co-curricular reading materials in more than 531 languages and across multiple levels. In the classroom, Bloom Library can be used by teachers to print books for their class in the language of instruction or to show books on a screen using a projector or in pairs or centers when devices are available. Children can view 12,000+ books already loaded on devices or printed, they can read books themselves, or have audio books read to them while following the text, or sign language video.  At home, Bloom Library can be used by parents to support their children’s reading, even if they are not literate or use a different langauge at home than the language of instruction. 



  • Free Tier – Bloom is free to use, general training is available for free via the training videos.
  • Subscription Tier – Bloom Enterprise is a paid service offered by SIL LEAD which adds additional features and services to Bloom that are particularly important to organizations. By purchasing this service, organizations can meet their unique needs while also supporting the ongoing maintenance and development of Bloom so that it can remain free for individual users.


Settings & Context


  • School
  • Home
  • Informal Learning Spaces
  • Community


Target Populations

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Project Implementers


Current Language(s)

  • 500+


Geography (locations)

  • Global


Research & Case Studies


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