A grade 5 female student in Thailand is practicing reading

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Round 2


Launched in 2014, Round 2 has four components—grant and prize competitions, research and partnerships—and seeks technology-based innovations to improve early grade reading outcomes in developing countries, with three focus areas:

  1. Mother tongue instruction and reading materials: Promoting the creation and delivery of reading materials in languages children express and understand.
  2. Family and community engagement: Providing technologies, approaches and content to help families and communities in low-resource settings support early grade literacy.
  3. Children with disabilities: Enhancing early grade reading outcomes for learners with disabilities.

The grant competition was designed to spur and foster technology-based innovations to address gaps and barriers that perpetuate low literacy levels.

Prize competitions solicit the development of specific products, approaches, or applications that complement grant innovations and fill gaps in addressing child literacy.

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Round 1


Round 1, launched in November 2011, funded 32 early grade literacy innovators working in 22 countries with a focus on teaching and learning materials, and education data.

As a problem solver, we invite you to rise to the challenge to get all children reading.  

See our current grant and prize competitions.

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