Book Boost: Access for All Challenge


Book Boost: Access for All Challenge logoAround 250 million children of primary school age around the world are unable to recognize basic letters and numbers, even though half of them have spent at least four years in school. Despite the importance of books in boosting foundational literacy skills, there is a global shortage of books for children in many mother languages. For the estimated 19 million children globally that are blind or have low vision or the millions of children with other disabilities that impact their use of traditionally printed material, the shortage of quality books in accessible formats is even more severe.

To address these challenges, All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD) and Pearson’s Project Literacy are launching the Book Boost: Access for All Challenge to drive innovation in accessible publishing. The challenge seeks business models that are rooted in optimizing and increasing the number of accessible books in the title development phase of the book value chain, resulting in a more efficient and cost effective process.

Winners of the competition were announced on April 4, 2018. View the winning submissions here



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