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All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development is committed to ensuring all children learn to read.

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Of the estimated 32 million deaf children around the world, 80 percent do not have access to education, and only two percent receive education in sign language. This is particularly true in areas of the world with few resources, profoundly affecting children who already face tremendous barriers to economic and social advancement opportunities. Without early access to language, children fail to develop social and cognitive skills at the same rate as their peers, hindering their ability to learn to read and write and isolating them from society over the course of their lives.

Screenshot of Millicent Simmonds Sign of For Literacy videoThe Sign On For Literacy global prize competition seeks technology-based innovations to increase sign language and literacy outcomes for deaf children in low resource settings. Innovations should provide greater access to local sign languages, early grade reading materials, and/or reading instruction by engaging families, schools, and communities. The competition is led by ACR GCD in collaboration with the World Federation of the Deaf, the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, and Deaf Child Worldwide.

Announcement of finalists

For those wishing to learn more about ACR GCD’s disability-focused initiatives and partnership opportunities please contact us.

Press Release: All Children Reading Awards Innovators Increasing Access to Local Sign Languages and Improving Literacy Outcomes for Deaf Children (English & International Sign)

Press Release: All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development Unveils New Competition to Ensure All Deaf Children Achieve Literacy (English & International Sign)

Blog: Three innovators to field test solutions to improve literacy outcomes for deaf children in developing countries

Watch the Facebook Live prize launch announcement here.

Read the competition documents here.




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