Expired: Digital Transformation Collaborative

ACR GCD is participating in a two-day working meeting focused on advancing the power of digital learning to close educational divides

Expired: Digital Transformation Collaborative

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

Convened under the Global Education Coalition, the Digital Transformation Collaborative (DTC) is a group of members from United Nations agencies, private sector and donors that collectively mobilizes and coordinates resources, sustainably plans interventions at national scale, and scales initiatives to support longer term country-level transformation. The DTC exists to create the bolder partnerships needed to realize the power of digital learning to close educational divides and support actions and investments and focuses on advancing the three “keys” to digital transformation: connectivity, competencies, and content.

This two-day working meeting is one of a cadence of regular meetings, which included a session at the Transforming Education Summit in New York City in September 2022, and organizes future work for the next quarter. The DTC is pursuing an agenda of digital transformation of education along five workstreams:

An illustration of the five worksteams the Digital Transformation Collaborative is pursuing

  1. Framework of digital transformation (curriculum, teachers, and other)
  2. Knowledge hub or examples of good practices, data, resources, a set of tools that work
  3. A business model of national digital transformation of education
  4. A collaborative framework operations
  5. An accountability framework, we will have to monitor


All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD) will continue to advocate for greater access to inclusive and high-quality digital learning and education technology, including accessible digital storybooks, libraries and tools, to help boost the lagging reading performance of children due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of access to reading materials.