Expired: NetHope 20th Anniversary Global Summit

All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development presents at the NetHope Global Summit

Expired: NetHope 20th Anniversary Global Summit
NetHope Global Summit

Join us for our session at the NetHope Global Summit.

November 15 | 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. EDT

Literacy & Learning Without Limits: Digital tools to ensure inclusion of children with disabilities
Are children with disabilities in your country or project excluded from opportunities to learn to read–in and out of school–because there’s a severe shortage of books they can use or you don’t have appropriate reading assessment tools? In this session you’ll learn of open-source resources like book creation software, online libraries, books, reading assessments and more — developed by winners of the All Children Reading Grand Challenge — for children with disabilities in low resource contexts. You’ll leave this session with an arsenal of solutions to improve the availability and creation of accessible books, conduct reading assessments for children with disabilities, and tools to change how you produce or procure books to ensure every child can use every book.

  • Michelle Oetman, Communications Lead, All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development
  • Christopher Kurz, Rochester Institute for Technology
  • Josh Josa, Disability Inclusive Education Specialist, USAID’s Center for Education
  • Brad Turner, Vice President of Global Education and Literacy, Benetech
  • Matthew Utterback, Chief Content Officer & Cofounder, eKitabu
  • Aimee Reeves, Senior Technical Manager, School-to-School International
  • Dr. Paul Frank, Senior Advisor, SIL LEAD, Inc.