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    Childhood illiteracy is one of our key global challenges today and the All Children Reading Grand Challenge calls on innovators around the world to develop scalable solutions to increase literacy rates among children in the developing world.

    Literacy is the cornerstone of development because it leads to better health, better employment opportunities, and safer and more stable democracies — however around the world, hundreds of millions of children remain illiterate.
    The Founding Partners are now launching a second All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development suite of challenges. While recognizing that there are many factors required to improve student learning outcomes in primary grade reading, the Founding Partners have established the second competition to focus on three problem areas:

        Language of the Playground
        Parent and Community Engagement

    The All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development suite of challenges will support development of innovations that draw on current research findings and that employ technology.

    Challenge 1: “Enabling Writers”

    When children are acquiring reading skills, good instruction is critical, but just as critical is the opportunity to practice reading. Practice allows children to apply skills learned in class and to expand their vocabulary and content knowledge by using reading to learn. “Enabling Writers” challenges individuals, companies, and communities to develop software that facilitates the creation and production of readers (non-fiction and fiction texts that assist language acquisition) for early-stage primary school children in the developing world.

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