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screenshot from Feed the Monster game

Project/Innovation Name
Feed the Monster


Prize Amount
$650,000 (innovative tender)

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Prize Competition Summary
The development of a smartphone application that can build foundational literacy skills in Arabic and improve psychosocial well-being for Syrian children who are out of school or struggling in school.

Feed the Monster

Innovation Summary
Feed the Monster is an innovative smartphone puzzle game that helps children learn Arabic. The game is designed in a way that does not require any prior knowledge. It guides the player through learning the Arabic alphabet to vowels, words, and then reading short paragraphs drawn from the Syrian Arabic language arts curriculum. In addition, the game focuses on improving the psycho-social wellbeing of children by introducing them to skills and techniques that help them manage their emotions through the use of SEL (Socioal Emotional Learning) mini games. The immersive game experience is achieved through a journey of discovery and friendship.

The storyline describes a world where friendly monsters were sent to exile by 'Harboot' (a known evil character) who conquered their land and cast a magic spell that turned them into eggs. To proceed in the game, children need to correctly solve the letter/word puzzles and, by doing so, help the monsters evolve and prosper.

The project is a collaboration between three partner entities: Apps Factory will develop, publish, and roll out the app, collect usability data, implement modifications of the game, and support additional language versioning. The Center for Educational Technology brings longstanding experience and expertise in developing content, methods and techniques to teach Arabic language acquisition. The humanitarian organization, International Rescue Committee (IRC), guides the technical approach and design of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) elements and content and will provide technical guidance as well as evaluation and testing of the application with Syrian refugee children.

Innovations/Tools/Resources Developed

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