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Dubai, United Arab Emirates   |   For profit

Sample storybook page from Asafeer's Robot Mom book series.

Project/Innovation Name
100 Adventures in Science & Life

Prize Amount

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Prize Competition Summary
At the 2017 No Lost Generation (NLG) EdTech Summit in Amman, Jordan, ACR GCD awarded Asafeer $100,000 to develop a set of book templates and illustrations.

100 Adventures in Science & Life

Innovation Summary
The materials will present STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related content in a fun and interesting way to explain how the world around us works. These stories will be designed specifically to target the needs of early grade readers.

The templates will include basic story lines which authors can easily translate and contextualize for their context and add images accordingly. Through the grant, Asafeer will create more than 100 stories, covering a variety of themes (e.g. ecosystems, inventions, sustainable living and world science) in Arabic and English, which will be available for global adaptation.

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