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Project/Innovation Name


Prize Amount
$60,000 (innovative tender)

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Prize Competition Summary
The development of a smartphone application that can build foundational literacy skills in Arabic and improve psychosocial well-being for Syrian children who are out of school or struggling in school.


Innovation Summary
Katkooti, which means “my chick” in Arabic, is an interactive pet simulation game that builds key literacy skills through sequenced activities, as well as improve psychosocial wellbeing through caring relationships, active engagement and positive decision making. Targeted for displaced and refugee Syrians ages 5 to 10, the smartphone app engages players to help their Katkooti thrive within interactive learning environments. Activities use an eight-step, phonics-based system—Integrated Quality Reading in Arabic (IQRA) —developed by Creative Associates International and proven to increase literacy. Creative has current and recent programming in eight MENA countries, including extensive work in response to the Syrian crisis. The Katkooti core team members, who have an Arab upbringing, will involve Syrian children and families throughout the design and development of the app.

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