Dost Education

San Francisco, CA, USA   |   Individual

Project/Innovation Name
Breaking the cycle of illiteracy by empowering mothers

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First place

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Prize Competition Summary
Develop novel mobile technology-based innovations or methods that can improve reading outcomes for children in developing countries. Innovative topics proposed may
focus on the enhancement of and/or the development and creation of new tools/methods. Proposals may use existing mobile-­‐based technologies or literacy assessment methods to improve and measure reading by adapting or applying those technologies and assessment methods
in new and innovative ways.

Breaking the cycle of illiteracy by empowering mothers

Innovation Summary
Dost, or “Friend” in multiple languages, is a mobile platform that helps low-income moms in developing countries engage in their child’s education. Through short, prerecorded voice messages delivered via a call to feature mobile phones, Dost offers parents a low-cost and highly scalable approach to access the knowledge they crave and unleash their child’s potential. Dost is unique because it delivers action-oriented content to functionally illiterate moms through the technology already in their hands.

Sneha Sheth, Sindhuja Jeyabal & Devanshi Unadkat
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