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Kenyan children participating in eKitabu's programs.

Project/Innovation Name
Studio KSL

Location Implemented

Sign On For Literacy

Prize Amount
Up to $250,000

Organization Website

Prize Competition Summary
The Sign On For Literacy prize sought technology-based innovations that increase literacy outcomes for deaf children in low resource settings by providing greater access to sign languages, early grade reading materials, and/or reading instruction by engaging families, schools and communities.

Studio KSL

Innovation Summary
eKitabu will launch Studio KSL as a resource to help the Deaf community and local content creators integrate sign language videos into early grade readers, producing visual storybooks for primary literacy in support of Kenya's new Inclusive Education policy. Investing to set up Studio KSL and streamline production with Deaf actors will lower the cost of producing quality visual storybooks and help to document regional differences in Kenyan Sign Language.

Deaf Ability Initiative, The Kenya Society for the Deaf Children
eKitabu Studio KSL Intro

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