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Kitkit School: Sign Language Project

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Sign On For Literacy

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Prize Competition Summary
The Sign On For Literacy prize sought technology-based innovations that increase literacy outcomes for deaf children in low resource settings by providing greater access to sign languages, early grade reading materials, and/or reading instruction by engaging families, schools and communities.

Kitkit School: Sign Language Project

Innovation Summary
Kitkit School is tablet-based early learning program that helps children learn literacy and math skills independently. It includes a suite of games, books, videos, and art and music tools designed to support children in developing countries. Through the Sign On For Literacy prize, Enuma will add a sign language mode to Kitkit School that provides sign language and visual support to the curriculum, enabling deaf children and their communities to access early sign language learning resources. To expand access to KitKit to more communities, Enuma also will develop a Kitkit Sign Language Editing App so local communities can modify the sign language videos and resources.

Tanzania Sign Language Translation Development Organisation (TSLTD), Tanzania; Center for Early Intervention on Deafness (CEID), US
Kitkit School and Sign Language Accessibility

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