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Arlington, Virginia, USA   |   For profit

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Tracking & Tracing Books

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Seeking solution to track books destined for early grade classrooms and learning centers in low-income countries and allow stakeholders--ranging from parents to Ministry of Education --to easily access tracking information.


Innovation Summary
JSI will partner with World Education, Inc. (WEI) to develop an innovation that combines functionality from three existing software applications. With the use of simple barcodes it will support tracking and tracing of textbooks by education officials throughout the system and enable parents, teachers, and local officials to receive up-to-date information on the status of books and materials. The system will make use of a variety of technology--from basic mobile phones using SMS and interactive voice recordings to smartphones for reading barcodes to Web interfaces for data management and custom report design. This integrated approach will allow users at all level of the system to track the distribution of specific quantities of textbooks and materials designated for each classroom and also to advocate for timely delivery to better meet children’s needs.

World Education, Inc., Lifeline Nepal, Grameen Foundation, and VOTO mobile
WATCH: Software Alpha Test in Malawi

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