Manos Unidas

Storrs Mansfield, CT, USA   |   Non profit

Deaf child works with Manos Unidas staff on reading and sign language materials.

Project/Innovation Name
Señas y Sonrisas (Signs and Smiles)

Location Implemented

Sign On For Literacy

Prize Amount
Up to $250,000

Organization Website

Prize Competition Summary
The Sign On For Literacy prize sought technology-based innovations that increase literacy outcomes for deaf children in low resource settings by providing greater access to sign languages, early grade reading materials, and/or reading instruction by engaging families, schools and communities.

Señas y Sonrisas (Signs and Smiles)

Innovation Summary
The Señas y Sonrisas (Signs and Smiles) project will create an interactive, community-led corpus of Nicaraguan Sign Language (NSL) signs and their relation to Spanish words; an app for smartphones and tablets designed to facilitate learning and use of NSL; and a literacy outreach program focused on children and their families living in rural areas of Nicaragua who do not have access to special education.

National Deaf Association of Nicaragua (ANSNIC - Estelí)
Señas de Sentido Intro

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