Monash University

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   |   Individual

Team member from Monash University presents about their My Reading Tablet submission to the Big Ideas@Berkeley competition

Project/Innovation Name
MyReadingTablet (MRT)

Big Ideas@Berkeley - Mobiles for Reading
2nd place

Prize Amount

Organization Website

Prize Competition Summary
Seeking novel, mobile technology-based innovations to enhance early grade reading scores in developing countries. May also adapt or apply existing mobile-based technologies in new and innovative ways.

MyReadingTablet (MRT)

Innovation Summary
This solar-powered reading device, equipped with breakthrough WordSwitch technology, allows diverse learners to navigate complex texts, despite limited reading proficiency, by switching unknown words for another. The device will be equipped with hundreds of pre-loaded e-books that will feature a variety of topics/genres to spark curiosity and maintain young children’s reading motivation. MRT is equipped with technology that allows children to customise their reading level, resulting in improved classroom culture and enabling children to more readily read genre's they are interested in. The device also tracks the students reading, and determines and tracks their reading level and improvements.

Gemma Gooding, Thomas Heeren, Kate Hou, Lisa Fu and Kiki Adhinugraha
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