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Chicago, Illinois, USA   |   For profit

Lighthouse hardware sitting on table in library

Project/Innovation Name
Outernet to Support Education in Ukraine's Conflict Zones

Location Implemented

Technology to Support Education in Crisis & Conflict Settings
Conflict Zone - 1st place (tied)

Prize Amount

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Prize Competition Summary
A challenge to source ideas for innovative, technology-supported approaches for children to maintain access to basic education despite disruptions experienced during crises or conflict.

Outernet to Support Education in Ukraine's Conflict Zones

Innovation Summary
Outernet's free data multicast transmits a continuous feed of digital media over 7 geostationary satellites, providing global coverage to our signal. Outernet's Lighthouse receiver stores these files and saves them on its internal drive, which can then be viewed with any browser, on any Wi-Fi enabled device, by connecting to the Lighthouse's hotspot. In situations where conflict has strained educational resources and disrupted communications, Outernet can reestablish basic education services for students.

IREX (implementation partner)

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