SIL International

Dallas, Texas, USA   |   Non profit

Young girls hold books created with Bloom software

Project/Innovation Name

Enabling Writers

Prize Amount

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Prize Competition Summary
Software solutions that allow authors to easily create and export texts in mother tongue languages to help early grade students learn to read.


Innovation Summary
Bloom enables people to write and print books in their own language or those adapted from other languages. Bloom was designed with new computer users in mind and has features to guide them in simple book making, so people need far less training than alternatives such as Word, Publisher, or InDesign. Bloom enables communities to create the volume of early grade reading materials needed to help children become successful and excited readers.

John Hatton of SIL International leads the Bloom development team, whose contributors include Eberhard Beilharz, Phillip Hopper, Marlon Hovland, Susanna Imrie, Gordon Martin, Stephen McConnell, David Moore, Marvin Nichols, Andrew Polk, John Thomson, and Len Wallstrom. SIL LEAD, Inc. also collaborated in the development of this version of Bloom, giving input on features and design as well as testing the software.
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