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Expanding Born Accessible Books in Asia

Book Boost: Access for All Challenge

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Business models that are rooted in optimizing and increasing the number of accessible books in the title development phase of the book value chain, resulting in a more efficient and cost effective process.

Expanding Born Accessible Books in Asia

Innovation Summary
Building on the successful launch of Asia's first free, open-source library of children's books, The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia team will make the library platforms and book collection accessible to people living with visual impairments--starting with Indonesia in 2018 and scaling to other developing countries in the region. Through partnerships with government agencies, the publishing industry, educational institutions, and NGOs—particularly those working with children with disabilities—the project will generate 200 accessible children's book epubs, while building the capacity of publishers and content producers. The result: A digital library of books for all children, no matter their socioeconomic status, location, or visual ability.

Dria Manungall, SIGAB, Humanity & Inclusion, IKAPI, Litara Foundation, Benetech

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