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eGranary Education Platform

Technology to Support Education in Crisis & Conflict Settings
Health Crises - Honorable Mention (tied)

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A challenge to source ideas for innovative, technology-supported approaches for children to maintain access to basic education despite disruptions experienced during crises or conflict.

eGranary Education Platform

Innovation Summary
The eGranary Education Platform is an off-line system that fits into any situation where students lack reliable infrastructure, Internet connectivity, or the ability to gather. It uses wired and wireless technologies to provide widespread access.

Battery-powered versions, with a 12-volt server, networking, clients, and projectors, create flexible classroom deployments virtually overnight.

Deployed in over 1,000 locations across Africa and Asia, from urban universities to rural schools, the eGranary platform leverages Open Source resources, worldwide experts, local community leaders, volunteers, and group members in the diaspora in the development of customized collections that can be created and maintained by field partners, including ministries, educators, NGOs, and local community members.

Content comes from over 2,000 Web sites, including Wikipedia, the Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseware, MIT Blossoms, and TED

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