VOTO Mobile

Kumasi, Ghana   |   For profit


Project/Innovation Name
VOTO Mobile

Location Implemented
Kumasi, Ghana

Technology to Support Education in Crisis & Conflict Settings
Health Crisis - 1st Place

Prize Amount

Organization Website

Prize Competition Summary
A challenge to source ideas for innovative, technology-supported approaches for children to maintain access to basic education despite disruptions experienced during crises or conflict.

VOTO Mobile

Innovation Summary
VOTO powers an interactive, personalized and measurable platform for engaging students on basic mobile phones through interactive voice response (IVR). The focus on mobile provides a way to reach most families, while tying the content to radio lessons (students call a hotline to respond to a live-poll or to take a quiz) and to text (students receive a call with the audio corresponding to the recently received SMS). The flexibility of the platform allows the content to be adjusted to any language, any subject matter and to the education priorities in county.

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