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Children in a class for students who are blind or low vision

Project/Innovation Name
Reading Equality with Accessible Design (READ)

Book Boost: Access for All Challenge

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Prize Competition Summary
Business models that are rooted in optimizing and increasing the number of accessible books in the title development phase of the book value chain, resulting in a more efficient and cost effective process.

Reading Equality with Accessible Design (READ)

Innovation Summary
The Reading Equality with Accessible Design (READ) project would build on the Enabling Writers initiative, through which World Education has already developed a foundation for developing books for beginning readers in Nepali (itself an underserved language) and six of Nepal’s minority languages. READ would incorporate accessibility considerations into title development workshops, engage persons with disabilities in the process, and work with communities and newly formed local governments to promote and institutionalize a model for low-cost, accessible, and linguistically appropriate book title development.

Action on Disability Rights and Development (ADRAD Nepal)

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