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Nairobi, Kenya   |   Non profit

Children in refugee camp in Kenya registering for Xavier project

Project/Innovation Name
Engaging Personalised Learning for Refugees in Kenya

Location Implemented
Nairobi, Kenya (Dadaab Refugee Camp)

Technology to Support Education in Crises & Conflict Settings
Conflict Zone - 1st place (tied)

Prize Amount

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Prize Competition Summary
A challenge to source ideas for innovative, technology-supported approaches for children to maintain access to basic education despite disruptions experienced during crises or conflict.

Engaging Personalised Learning for Refugees in Kenya

Innovation Summary
Xavier Project, in partnership with Eneza Education, provides assistance to primary school children to access education and academic revision through a programme called ENEZA. ENEZA is a mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS) study tool which enables students to access education revision material for all primary subjects. The content covers every subject on the syllabus - English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Science, Social Studies, General knowledge and Religious Education. Students can access subject and topic specific quizzes as well as content tutorials/mini lessons via a user-friendly SMS platform.

The students receive an explanation with every answer to ensure that they understand why they got the correct or wrong answer every single time. This SMS study tool also comes with the following additional services like Auto-Quizzes (Revision content aligned with the KCPE syllabus), Wikipedia search, live Ask-a-Teacher feature which enables them to ask direct questions on challenge areas they may be struggling with to qualified teachers who replies to them via SMS and Reports where they can access their performance progress in term of average and number of quizzes done.

Eneza Education and UNHCR
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