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Child using tablet at Agora Center Project

Project Name
GraphoGame™ Teacher Training Service (GG-TTS)

Location Implemented
Eastern Province, Zambia

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Organization Type
Research Institution

Research has shown that teaching and reading in a child’s mother tongue language lays a strong foundation for learning to read and makes it easier for them to learn a national language later. In 2013, the Government of Zambia released the National Literacy Framework which requires early grade teachers to teach in local languages. Many teachers in Zambia were educated in English and therefore lack information and pedagogical training in literacy instruction in local languages.

GraphoGame™, a literacy game for children researched in 20 countries, will be used as a sustainable, cost-effective mobile intervention to improve teacher in-service training and support student’s basic reading skills. GG-TTS allows teachers to self-study information on the implementation of the new local language curriculum and practice correct literacy instruction pedagogy. Upon completion, teachers will receive certification demonstrating that they can implement the new National Literacy Framework, are able to identify students who are struggling with basic reading skills and can use GraphoGame™ to support their instruction. GraphoGame™ adapts to individual performance and is currently available in Cinyanja, offering customized reading support for students in the Eastern Province.

Project Reach
Approximately 540 students in 30 schools

Center for the Promotion of Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa (CAPOLSA) at the University of Zambia