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Library platforms and book collections accessible to children who are blind/low vision.

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A mother and daughter enjoy stories on a mobile phone provided by ACR GCD-funded The Asia Foundation.

Library platforms and book collections accessible to children who are blind/low vision.

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Expanding Born Accessible Books in Asia

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Assistive Technology, Software/Apps

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Book Boost: Access for All Challenge

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Dria Manungall, SIGAB, Humanity & Inclusion, IKAPI, Litara Foundation and Benetech

The Challenge

Despite the importance of books in boosting foundational literacy skills, for the estimated 19 million children globally who are blind or have low vision, or the millions of children with other disabilities that impact their use of traditionally printed materials, the shortage of quality books in accessible formats is severe. Increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of creating accessible books in the title development phase ("born accessible") is critical to increasing the number of accessible books.

The Big Idea

Building on the successful launch of Asia's first free, open-source library of children's books, The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia team proposed making the library platform and book collection accessible to children who are blind/low vision--starting with Indonesia in 2018 and scaling to other developing countries in the region.

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