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Enhanced Reading Skills for Somali Early Beginners

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Garoe - Puntland, Somalia

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Non profit

A recent MLA study carried out by AET showed that only 24% of children in grade 4 in Puntland could read and understand simple instructions and only 65% could read and understand and answer questions on a grade 2 level comprehension passages. These low scores are caused, in part by a dearth of teachers trained in phonetic instruction and few avaliable instructional and reading materials that take a phonetic approach.

This project focuses on implementing effective reading programs in primary grades 1 and 2 in Garoe–Puntland by emphasizing increasing teacher to student contact hours, ensuring the availability of textbooks, and training teachers how to effectively teach reading.

Project Reach
This project will impact the way reading is taught in grades 1 and 2 by increasing the quantities of materials, influencing the way teachrs teach, and the way teachers are trained to teach. Africa Educational Trust will compare two sets of approaches in 20 schools (10 treatment and 10 control schools): one, improving reading resources; and two, more effectively training teachers to have a positive impact on reading improvement. As of September 2013, the Ministry of Education has distributed grade 1 textbooks in sufficient quantities for almost every child to have a copy of his/her own book. This is in contrast to three years ago when there were often only three or four books for a class of 60 children. Teachers in 23 schools completed a five-day training on how to teach reading in Somali using existing textbooks and methods available from the Somalia Ministry of Education; teachers in 25 additional ""treatment schools"" completed a version of the training that included the addition of a clear phonics program.

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