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Project Name
Improving Reading and Writing Capacity in Primary Grades

Location Implemented
Kigali, Rwanda

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For profit

Rwandans do not have a culture of reading and neither schools nor parents have adequate resources to ensure that children are introduced to reading at an early state. Very few available children's books by Rwandan authors further inhibits the development of a reading culture.

Drakkar is working in cooperation with the Rwandan Education Board (REB) and the Educational Development Center in three districts in the Southern Province in Rwanda. The project’s goal and theory of change are to encourage a culture of reading in Rwanda by: providing support to, and training of, school-based mentors to improve teachers’ instructional practices, including through the incorporation of read aloud approaches; Increasing access to Kinyarwanda storybooks in targeted schools and local bookstores; and developing local capacity to produce Kinyarwanda stories, including through a national story writing competition designed to develop a children’s book market for authors.

Project Reach
Over 50,000 storybooks were translated into Kinyarwanda, printed, and shipped to all of the project’s 240 primary schools. 35 copies of the six different volumes from Drakkar’s Junior Africa Writers series were supplied to each school, one for every two children in an average P1–P4 classroom. 148 school-based mentors and 55 headmasters were trained by Drakkar staff on how to conduct a read-aloud lesson and how to use four different reading comprehension classroom pedagogical strategies. Mentors brought these methods to Kinyarwanda teachers in 162 schools during terms 2 and 3.

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