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Improved Collection and Use of Student Reading Performance Data (BasaPilipinas)

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Mindanao, Philippines

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Non profit

In the Philippines, the Department of Education still uses a paper and pencil data collection system that produces results 12-18 months after testing-too long for the data to be used effectively to inform instruction at the school or district level. Capitalizing on the fact that 85.7% percent of teachers in the Philippines are active mobile phone users, EDC will provide ministry staff and teachers timely, relevant information about student performance and the quality of instruction.

This project provides innovative and affordable mobile technology that enables teachers to submit on-the-spot student reading performance test data from their classrooms to a Department of Education-administered database via mobile phones using SMS technology. Given that the majority of teachers in the Philippines have access to a mobile phone, each teacher is able to submit his/her own student reading test data directly into the database from their classrooms. The theory of change is that application of innovative technology for data collection and analysis will substantially improve data flow efficiencies and enable schools and local level managers to effectively analyze and use student testing data to improve instruction and reading outcomes.

Project Reach
Initially, the project involved 900 teachers, school heads, and district supervisors from 50 public elementary schools in Mindanao, the southernmost archipelago of the Philippines. Based on success there, the effort was expanded to EDC’s much larger USAID Philippines Basa Pilipinas (Read Philippines!) Project, which aims to show improved reading skills for at least one million early grade students. In February 2014, more than 1,400 grade 3 teachers were given training on the system, with many more teachers to follow. With help from USAID, a next step would be to work with the Philippine Department of Education to fully scale up the text-message data dissemination approach to the rest of the country’s expansive elementary school system.

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