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Malawi, Senegal, Ethiopia, Rwanda

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There are pervasive problems with educational data collection that hinder the ability to collect, sort and share it, among them 1. A paper-based system 2. Getting Data from the Field requires significant labor -- for example, to label and disseminate forms and to ensure data integrity as those paper forms are collected and collated. 3. Entering Data into Electronic Database: Assuming all the paper can be collected, significant additional labor and expense is devoted to redundant manual re-entry of field-collected data into an electronic database. 4. Sharing Data with Stakeholders: After all of this work, the data is still siloed -- it cannot be shared easily with stakeholders and decision makers.

This project provides a communication platform for the education sector to collect essential education data and share information using the equipment our partners already have- a computer, the internet and mobile phones.

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In Senegal, HNI has assisted the Ministry of Education to collect standardized testing data for 2nd, 4th and 6th graders in reading and math from 9,500 schools. More than 500 schools have now submitted their data successfully using mobile technology. In Malawi, HNI has worked with local organizations engaged in reading to modernize their data collection.

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