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Project Name
An action research approach to improving student reading using an early grade reading assessment results: using student test data to improve classroom instruction

Location Implemented
Multiple locations in Ethiopia

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Despite the concern of the Ethiopian government for quality of education, current conditions in most schools throughout the country is also both compelling and disturbing. These test scores indicate that a large number of students were not achieving the curriculum objectives.

The purpose of this exploratory project is to examine the use of interim assessments and Action Research to improve teacher capacity to identify questions about their practice, develop and implement appropriate changes to improve class room instructions.

Project Reach
1) The quantitative data entry from all the three regions has been completed. Analysis and reporting is underway. As part of the analysis, correlations between the teachers’ classroom action research results and the data collected by teachers on their students’ reading abilities are to be tested. The team plans to finish the final report writing in the coming weeks. 2) IA has developed a “Parents on Board” course to assist the project staff in improving parents’ involvement in children learning. The course was supported with video clips “Parents for Children Reading” in both Amharic and Afaan Oromoo. 3) A total of 92 participants drawn from different sectors like NGOs, CSOs, Private Companies, Higher Learning Institutions, Primary Schools and Education Bureaus attended the conference.

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