Kampuchean Action for Primary Education

Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia   |   Non profit

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Project Name
E-Books for Khmer (E4K)

Location Implemented
Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia

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Organization Type
Non profit

According to a World Bank study, approximately 25% of lower primary grade children in Cambodia demonstrate sub-standard levels of proficiency in mother tongue Khmer language literacy. While this is an improvement from a 50% failure rate identified in national testing conducted in 2010, it is still an unacceptably high number.

The eBooks 4 Khmer (E4K) innovation is adapting 24 Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport (MoEYS) Grade 2 and 3 readers into 72 basal electronic formats with interactive features, including multi-modal presentations that build on children’s oral language skills. The e-readers integrate digitized testing exercises that evaluate the child’s reading level and provide teachers with a valid student assessment. Teachers will be trained to use these evaluations to teach literacy using differentiated classroom literacy structures (levelled reading groups) that focus on student’s individual learning needs, allowing them to can gain confidence at the own reading level. Post ACR GCD funding, KAPE plans to distribute the e-reader apps commercially through the participation of social enterprise partner, Thunthean Sekasa. Through commercial distribution the application will be sustainable and make learning Khmer fun and attainable for children across Cambodia.

Project Reach
10 primary schools, 30 teachers, and 1,000 students directly, an additional 2,000 subscribers with commercial market penetration, and has the potential for national expansion

Thun Thean Seksa
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