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LubutoLiteracy: Zambian teaching and learning materials for the digital age

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Lusaka, Zambia

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Non profit

In Zambia, many children – particularly those that are poor or out-of-school – are educated in overcrowded, under-resourced classrooms and have little access to any materials, let alone those that can effectively help them learn. Well-meaning efforts such as stand-alone book and computer donation programs are too often unsustainable or offer irrelevant or outdated materials. In addition, despite promising the initial improvements in reading levels that emerged from the Primary Reading Programme’s emphasis on the use of local languages, progress has stalled.

LubutoLiteracy is a pioneering program creating high-quality mother-tongue materials to teach children to read on an accessible, low-cost digital platform and sustainably deploying them at national scale in Zambia in partnership with government and other stakeholders. The interactive materials are developed locally by teachers and youth in line with the national curriculum and leverage the open access learning environment and outreach of Lubuto Libraries to particularly benefit highly vulnerable and out-of school children.

Project Reach
An entire set of 101 lessons in the first of seven languages, Icibemba, was completed. Work continues on the remainder of the lessons with 101 lessons now completed in Chinyanja and waiting to be exported from eXe to html files which can be viewed in a browser. Illustrations and extra recordings are under production in Chitonga and will soon commence in Silozi, Kiikaonde, Lunda and Luvale.Testing of Icibemba lessons has commenced and feedback will be reported in Q8.

Ministry of Education, Science and Vocational Training (MOESVT), including the Curriculum Development Centre and Zambian Library Service (ZLS)
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