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Enlightening the Hearts Literacy Campaign: Training for Transformation (TfT)

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Less than 75 percent of grade 6 children in Ghana are able to read and write at proficiency level after six years of schooling (Ministry of Education, Annual Education Performance review, 2012). Despite the large education sector investments made by Ghana's government over the last 20 years (on average between 10-12 percent of GDP), the public primary education system is unable to provide children with sufficient support to ensure that students are able to attain basic reading and writing skills after several years of schooling.

This project seeks to improve the reading ability of primary school children by utilizing a phonic and syllabic approach in the student’s mother tongue. This methodology is an accelerated literacy approach that ensures children are able to read in their first language and use these same literacy skills to fully develop capabilities in a second language. Central to the theory of change is that the teacher is the main facilitator of learning at the classroom level and their attitudes, competencies and behavior have a lifelong impact on the learners.

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8,434 copies of EHL primers in four languages (Ewe, Akuapim Twi, Asante Twi, and Fante) were distributed to 200 schools with accompanying teacher’s manuals for 430 teachers. 450 supplementary readers were distributed to 25 schools with reading clubs, and 860 posters were given to teachers in the 200 schools. Multiple teacher training workshops were conducted for 230 teachers and head teachers. According to its evaluation, over 40% of learners have moved from ‘illiteracy to ‘literacy’ within the nine month cycle in the 4 districts.

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