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Watertown, MA, USA   |   Non profit

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Promoting Literacy for Visually Impaired Students (PCLB)

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Non profit

Many Ghanaian teachers lack the tools and resources to assess the extent of visual impairment and braille literacy skills development. Teachers also lack the tools and resources necessary for teaching children who are blind/low vision, as well as data about the specific literacy needs of students with disabilities. Numerous studies show that the earlier a child who is blind/low vision learns to read, the better their chances for success in and outside of the classroom.

Perkins strategy is fourfold: 1) collaborate with and train local educators to teach children who are blind/low vision in an inclusive classroom setting; 2) Eegage families and communities to support students and strengthen gains made in the classroom; 3) distribute assistive technology literacy kits that include the appropriate combination of braille writers and low vision devices tailored to the needs of each student; and 4) ensure braille writers can be fixed through the establishment of a local brailler repair system.

Project Reach
300 children have been directly impacted, with 3,850 indirectly impacted. Six SMART Braillers along with 67 Perkins Classic Braillers® were delivered to Ghana. Of these, 20 Classic Braillers and two SMART Braillers were distributed in the central region. Out of a total of 1,248 children in three schools screened for vision impairment, 110 were identified as blind/low vision. Perkins conducted a training-of-trainers workshop with 13 Master Teachers holding advanced degrees in Special Education. These 13 trainers will provide training for 94 teachers in the three target schools. Training in the use of visual devices was also delivered to teachers in three inclusive schools.

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