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Putting Children's Reading Literacy on a Path to Lifelong Practice and Improvement

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Non profit

In rural India, 42.5% ofchildren in grades 3-5, cannot read a grade 1 level text (ASER 2011). Furthermore, in grade 5, a shockingly low 51.8% cannot read a grade 2 text. Reading instruction inside the classroom remains weak and supplemental reading instruction outside the classroom remains rare.

This project will introduce and distribute audio-visual content that includes same language subtitling (SLS) for TV programs, songs, music videos, and movies. The theory of change is that exposure at home to audio-visual content that contains SLS will reinforce reading skills learned in school and that regular SLS exposure will lead to increased rates of functional literacy achievement and decreased rates of complete illiteracy among primary school children where the SLS programming was delivered.

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Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
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