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Dynamic (and Decentralized) Education Information System for Planning & Improvement (DEISPI), a Solution for Marginalized Schools

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Non profit

Children in the Himalayan region usually do not complete their education and are not encouraged to pursue one.

DEISPI will disseminate a system for perpetual stakeholder-based (communities, students, teachers, and social actors) monitoring and generation of education data, on three dimensions (student reading levels, instructional quality, and school operation).

The data will guide area-specific planning, as well as school/teacher/student-specific improvement actions, via peer-group 'education dialogues' for collaborative educational problem-solving.

Project Reach
DEISPI has been piloted successfully in 330 schools across 11 remote districts in India. Pragya aims to roll out the DEISPI to all marginalized schools - across 135 remote districts.

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