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Project Name
Special Needs Action Pack (SNAP) for Struggling Readers

Location Implemented
Western Province, Sri Lanka

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Non profit

In Sri Lanka, children struggling with reading-- children with learning disabilities, mild physical impairments, and those who come from homes with little or no culture of reading--risk being forgotten in the efforts to raise learning achievement on a massive scale. Little is known about the rates and types of special needs among primary students in developing countries, or appropriate strategies to address them. Existing government and non-state agencies that focus on struggling learners do so with inadequate materials for assessment or to address learning needs.

The Special Needs Action Pack (SNAP) for Struggling Readers project is designed to develop and pilot the materials needed to implement simple, replicable strategies for identifying the causes and special needs of early grade children demonstrating difficulty learning to read, as well as pilot a set of interventions to increase reading level attainment of those children. It will include a package of low-cost, easy-to-implement teaching and learning materials accompanied by training in their effective use for teachers, parents, and community members.

Project Reach
The SNAP pack for struggling readers was distributed to teachers in 15 schools and implemented over two school years. Qualitative and quantitative data has been conducted to measure the success of the action pack and adjust its implementation accordingly.

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