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Early Grade Reading Instruction Curriculum (EGRIC)

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Recent research (e.g., UWEZO, 2010) indicates that despite increased school enrollment throughout Kenya, learning outcomes in reading remain low. Many factors slow down the development of reading skills among children. Key among them is lack of, or inadequate, instructional materials and resources and inappropriate instructional methods (Piper, 2010).

The EGRIC project develops the capacity of teachers to teach reading in the primary grades using high quality, multigenre, culturally relevant, and age-appropriate instructional materials and resources in English and Kiswahili. By enabling teachers to launch their teaching careers with reading at the core of instruction, EGRIC complements and fills an existing gap in teacher education.

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An early grade reading instruction curriculum (EGRIC) has been developed, and is available in print and electronic format on the University of Nairobi's e-learning portal. A total of 176 teachers have been prepared to teach reading through in-class training, supported by the e-portal. On-going support was provided to recent graduates through face -to-face support (school visits) and SMSs once a week. These teachers have improved the reading skills of 7,920 students. The Government of Kenya, with the support of USAID, will support a national pilot of several reading instruction innovations being pilot. The EGRIC project will inform reading insructional methodologies in 21 public primary teacher training colleges (PTTCs).

Kenya National Examination Council, Association of Reading of Kenya
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