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Project Name
MobiLiteracy Uganda: Testing and Proving the Efficacy of SMS with Audio in Developing Literacy-Rich Home Environments in Western Uganda

Location Implemented
Central Uganda

Organization Type
For profit

Parents can be instrumental in their children learning to read. In developing countries, where teachers are often over-stretched, active parental input at home is critical.

This 91-day program delivers short, audio, native language lessons to parents through SMS with an attached downloadable file. Parents can dial into an automated voice response system to access the lessons. The lessons, which the parent and child can listen to together, provide parents with guidance on teaching literacy to their early elementary child.

Project Reach
91 daily MobiLiteracy lessons were written, translated, recorded, compressed, and compiled for mobile delivery to 54 parents. A mobile SMS long code was also sourced to allow the distributor to send daily lessons with an embedded audio lesson from the United States to Uganda. Additionally, 150,000 women were invited to use the program through calling the IVR. Urban Planet delivered more than 3,000 lessons over a 3 month period, reaching between 50 - 80 people per day. The lessons were also made available as a daily or weekly lesson at the request of the user.

MCOMM, a mobile distributor in Africa, is working with Urban Planet Mobile to upload the program to IVR, secure the numbers for the 100,000 women in Central Uganda we will target with a single direct message inviting them to try the program, and working with local radio and other media to further promote the program. Based on the success of this initiative, MCOMM is already discussing the potential for the program with the government in Nigeria.
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