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A young student in Ghana enjoys reading from a Worldreader ereader

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Suhum Municipalities and Ayensuano Districts, Ghana

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Non profit

A 2009 survey by the Ghana Ministry of Education found that 42.4% of Ghanaian Primary 3 students did not meet minimum competency standards in English reading, writing, and listening. Only 20.0% of students achieved proficiency in English, indicating that 4 out of 5 Ghanaian children cannot read and understand simple English texts by Primary 3.

1) To improve literacy skills among Ghanaian primary students by providing convenient, immediate access to a wide range of culturally-specific teaching and learning materials through e-reader technology. 2) Introducing e-readers among Primary 1, 2, and 3 students. 3) Providing a wide range of Ghanaian language content and English language content written by Ghanaian authors. 4) Using e-readers that are among the cheapest devices currently available, without sacrificing quality. 5) Exposing students to e-readers over a two year period. 6) Strengthening use of phonics and other literacy instruction techniques in conjunction with the e-reader.

Project Reach
Each of the 574 project students, teachers and head coaches are excitedly completing the program with 240 digital books in English and Twi on their e-readers. Students more than doubled their reading comprehension scores in both Twi and English. Students read 19 more words per minute (WPM) in Twi. In English, students read 24 WPM more. Running counter to expectations, significant impact was detected among lower-performing students. Students who could not read a single word in Twi decreased dramatically from 65.7% to 10.7%. By the end of third grade, 41% of students could read above a minimum proficiency level of 45 WPM in English. Additionally, students receiving digital books reported reading nearly three books a day.

Olinga Foundation for Human Development
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